Top 10 Shops To Snag A Disney Swimsuit This Summer!

I am definitely not ready for swimsuit season yet. I have been working on the eating right and exercising but I also don’t have enough swimsuits to head to the pool as regularly as my family likes to go. I have done a lot of research and I have narrowed down the top 10 shops to snag a Disney Swimsuit this summer!

1. Rainbow Rules– I love this shop for pretty much anything Disney but when it comes to swimsuits they have the most incredible selection. There are over 5 styles of swimsuits but there are also over 15 prints in each style. Then there are matching coverups! You simply have to check this selection out HERE.

2. Enchanted Bikinis– I have talked about this shop many times, as well, but for good reason. These suits are insanely detailed and fabulous. I actually own the Megara swimsuit shown above and I feel so amazing whenever I wear it. They release new designs all the time. You can check them out HERE.

3. Hot Topic– This shouldn’t surprise anyone. We get very excited every year to see what new Disney swimsuits will be released at Hot Topic. The prices are great and sales are always happening. You can find them online HERE.


4. shopDisney– This one seems obvious but I still have to say it. Believe it or not, they don’t have as many choices for women as the other shops I’ve mentioned but there are still a few great choices. You can find them HERE.



5. The Brave Little Tailor– This shop on Etsy has fabulous Disney fashions and now they also have an incredible selection of swimsuits! If you are headed on a Disney Cruise there is no question that you need to check this fantastic shop out HERE!


6. Think Geek– I know this doesn’t seem like it should be on the list but where can Fan Girls go to find interesting and less likely to find swimsuits? There are also great swim trunks for men. You can find these HERE.

7. Torrid- Curvy fashionistas should have options for fabulous Disney swimsuits, too, and Torrid is the place to go! I need a swimsuit built for a bustier fashionista and many times that is hard for me to find. I have a Minnie Mouse one from Torrid a few years ago that is fabulous! You can find this year’s options HERE.

8. Amazon– These suits are not necessarily Disney licensed but it is definitely the place to go to get great Disney Bounding suits that are less obvious.

9. Forever 21– If you are looking for something a little different. Forever 21 does a great job of taking Mickey Mouse and adding a little pop. They tend to release one or two every swimsuit season. You can find this one HERE.

10. Zhoras– I always like to find a curveball shop and this is it this year. Now, I am not saying I can wear this swimsuit but if you can, it’s fab and on sale! You can find it HERE.

There you have it! My favorite shops to look for a Disney swimsuit! In years past I have shared favorite swimsuits and not shops and you can find those HERE.

Do you check out these shop for your Disney swimsuit? Let us know where you like to look in the comment box below!

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