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Top 10 Things To Pack For A Trip To Disney Parks

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This is not going to be a stereotypical what to pack article. I am not going to be including things like underwear or socks or toiletries. This article is for the newer Disney Parks visitors who may not really know what to pack for a trip to Disney. This is going to include Disney items that you may want to have in hand before you ever get to the Parks so you can start off with a bang! These are my top 10 things to pack for a trip to Disney Parks (yours may different).

1. A Disney Suitcase– This just starts the fun before you ever even get to Disney and can hold all those things you are bringing with you. It sets the tone for the trip!

2. Magic Bands– These can be the general ones you get sent to you if you are staying on Disney grounds OR the ones you saw all blinged out on Disneystore or etsy. Either way, they are a fun accessory and essential to keeping things condensed to one easy location (ie: tickets, credit card, room key, fast passes and dinner reservations)

3. Mickey Ears– There are so many to pick from and you could just wait till you get to the Parks… OR you could have them in hand before you ever arrive and start the fun from the first moment you arrive!

4. Fanny Pack– I’ve just recently written an article as to why it’s okay to wear a fanny pack at Disney Parks only. If you want to read the reasons I gave, read here. If you are not wanting to branch out into the fanny pack world, a Disney purse will suffice.

5. Disney Jewelry– I like to keep the theme going. Now, whether that means an Alex and Ani bangle or a cute pair of Minnie Mouse earrings, well that depends on the mood or outfit of the day.

6. Disney Autograph Book– You may see a character the second you enter the Park. If you have this with you in advance, you can start right away and not have to wait till you hit up a store!

7. Disney Shirt– I see a lot of assorted Disney shirts, including family tee shirts, while I am at Disney Parks. I am not a tee shirt girl in general but, at the Parks, I find it fun!

8. Umbrella- This is just common sense. It’s Florida and it rains freak little storms all the time.

9. Rain Coat or Poncho–  For the exact reasons I listed above. Have a backup in case the umbrella can’t be used in narrow spaces or it’s too much of a pain to hold (or there’s lightning!)

10. Fun Disney Shoes!- This one kind of falls in line with comfy shoes from the “what to wear to the Disney parks” article. I like to make those shoes Disney if I can!

That’s my top 10 but it might not be yours. What have I missed? let us know in the comment box below!

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