Top 5 Pieces Of Disney Jewelry Under $6

I know that you looked at the title of this article and thought there is no way there can be anything worth checking out on this list. I am hoping to prove that thought wrong. There are 5 pieces of jewelry I am going to share with you. Some of which I own and some of which I will be owning shortly. There is everything from earrings to necklaces to bracelets. Here are the top 5 pieces of Disney jewelry under $6!


1. Mickey Mouse Bracelet– I am starting with the one I hope to own shortly (like when it shows up in my mail box). I know that the reviews are mixed but for the price…. .89 cents… I am willing to see which review I would personally give it! If for no one else, this would make a great gift for those younger Disney fans that may not take care of more expensive jewelry.


2. Bronze Mickey Mouse Necklace–  This necklace I own. It is just a fun, casual piece that works with those everyday looks. It reminds me of a more beachy looking necklace that my surfer husband to be would wear! This necklace is  $4.94 with free shipping. Worth checking out, wouldn’t you agree?


3. Mickey Key Pendant Necklace– While the other necklace shown is more casual, this necklace is a little more blingy. I like that I can choose from 3 colors and I also like the way the Mickey head silhouettes are used in this piece. We have talked about this necklace before, in fact. It is $4.80.

2016-07-16 01_17_57-Amazon.com_ Yazilind Charming 18k Gold Plated Round Red Cut Cubic Zirconia Micke

4. Cubic Zirconia Mickey Mouse Stud Earrings– This is another piece that we have talked about before but it is worth taking another look at. These earrings are perfect for  Disney fashionistas of any age that are looking for something small and simple. I like to wear things like this to work because I cannot wear anything dangly while working around infants. These studs are only $4.18 and come in 4 different color choices!


5. Golden Mickey Earrings– I will admit I do not own these earrings but I am thinking of adding them to my work collection. The kids always love it when they see me in anything Disney. These have that extra bit of bling that I am a big fan of. They are also the most expensive item on the list at $5.99. I feel that if the most expensive thing is still under $6, it deserves to be given some attention.

There you have it. The top 5 pieces of Disney jewelry under $6! What do you think of the list? Let us know what you think in the comment box below!!

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