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Top 5 DIY Ways To Decorate For The Holidays With Disney Items From Your Vacation!

I know some of you are probably thinking I must be talking about the Christmas ornaments you bought on your Disney vacation. This is more of a DIY article. I always have a ton of things leftover when I come home that I am not quite sure what to do with. I could use them for scrap booking, and I do, but there are only so many scrapbook pages I need with some of these items. I wanted variety. Christmas ornaments and decor can be so expensive so I came up with a list of the top 5 ways to decorate for the holidays with Disney items from your vacation!

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1. Use Magic Bands as Garland– Some of you are like me and have more Magic Bands than you can even keep track of. Most of them just lay around for the most part. You can string them together and use them as garland on your Disney Christmas tree!! It doesn’t even take any extra crafting items! Super easy and cost effective.

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2. Use Buttons As Ornaments- This one is pretty easy, as well. You know all the buttons you have that say things like “My first trip” or “I’m Celebrating”? You can take all those buttons and add string to the back through the pin. Voila! You have ornaments for your tree! Who needs to buy “first visit” ornaments when you can do it this way and pay nothing!!

3. Use Old Lanyards as Garland– I have seen this done 2 ways. You can either loop all your old lanyards together (including those soda/water bottle holders as you see above) and use them as garland. I have also seen people just hang them on the tree like tinsel. Either way is a good idea!

4. Use Park Maps As Ornaments Or Garland– Do you remember how you used to make garland in preschool and kindergarten? You would cut strips of paper, loop them into a cricle and either staple them or glue them together to make a chain? Why couldn’t you do this with old Park maps? This is something the younger kids in your household already know how to do! They can be an intricate part of this and you can make it a family project!

2015-12-04 09.16.55

5. Use Those Disney Santa Hats As Tree Toppers– I have more Disney Santa hats than I can count so this idea was a no brainer for me. We can switch it up as we feel like it! You already wore it at the Parks and to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and now it’s sitting around. Put it to good use! You already paid for it!!


What do you think of our list?? Can you use any of these ideas? Have you already used any of these ideas?? I pinned a few other ideas on my pinterest  @4disneyfashion, if you want more ideas or examples of these. Happy holidays, fashionistas!

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