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Top 5 Ways To Show Your Disney Side At The Pool

I am getting excited about the weather getting warmer. It means that it is almost time to head to the pool!! There are so many ways to show off your Disney Side while at the pool and many of them are quite obvious. I am not saying that mine are not. However, sometimes what is right in front of you, gets overlooked. I decided to share with you my top 5 ways to show your Disney Side at the pool!


1. Wear a Disney Swim Suit– This one is the most obvious but it still needs to be said. There are more Disney bathing suits out there than you think. I did a top 10 swim suit article for women recently but there are also many collections for men. Neff has quite a few swim suits for men. There are tons for your children! If you aren’t wanting to wear a Disney swim suit directly, you can even Disney Bound!

2015-01-26 19_16_51-Amazon.com_ Disney Mickey Mouse Scattered Mick Women Ladies Thong Sandals Flip F

2. Wear Disney Foot Wear– This is pretty easy to find online and if you are at Disney Parks there are many more to be found there. If you are Disney Bounding at the pool, it’s even easier to do. This is a fun way to show your Disney Side and it’s pretty inexpensive, depending on the foot wear you choose.


3. Use A Disney Beach Towel– There are so many to pick from at the Disney Store and they are even on sale as I write this. I’ve also seen them at Walmart and Target in the past. Perhaps you already own one and that makes it even easier. No matter how you get one, wrapping up in a Disney beach towel and/or laying on one by the pool or on the beach is the perfect way to show your Disney Side.


4. Bring A Disney Water Bottle–  If you are going to be out in the summer heat, you will need to stay hydrated. Why not show your Disney Side with a Disney water bottle?? They are available in all kinds of different shapes and sizes but my favorite one is the one shown above. I found it at the Disney Store.


5. Use A Disney Beach Bag– This is super easy to do. A lot of us already have Disney bags in some way, shape or form, so why not use it to show your Disney Side at the pool?! You can throw all your beach/pool goodies in there and leave it by your chair and everyone will realize they have a true Disney fan in their midst!

Those are my top 5 ways to show your Disney Side while at the pool or beach. It’s convenient that the Disney Store online started their swim shop sale today and in stores tomorrow. I could also say have your nails done with a Disney design but that’s pretty specific to women. I think the above ways work for everyone!

What do you think should have made my top 5?? Let us know in the comment box below!

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