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Top 5 Ways To Use Disney Antenna Toppers!

I know that  many of you have heard about Disney antenna toppers but perhaps some of you have not. Maybe you have walked by the displays in the stores at Disney Parks multiple times and thought, “Hmmmm, what are those things??” and you were just too embarrassed to ask someone.  That’s what I’m here for! I’m also going to give you a few ideas for ways to use these in different ways. Some people don’t even have antennas on their cars anymore and now those people don’t have to miss out on the cuteness! These make amazing souvenirs… super affordable souvenirs. So let’s take a look at my top 5 ways to use Disney antenna toppers!


1. On Your Car Antenna-You had to know this would be number one. It is what they are made for. I will say that you need to make sure they are a little snug because I’ve had them go on super easily before and come off just aas easily… while driving. Goodbye fun souvenir!

2. Bouquet of Antenna Toppers– This may sound strange to you but a lot of people do this. They collect the antenna toppers they enjoy and make a “antenna topper bouquet” in a vase to leave out on display. This way, you aren’t just  displaying one at a time, or having to chose just one for a souvenir, but you can get a bunch and display them proudly. You can see how to do this on my Disney decor pinterest board.

3. Pencil or Pen Toppers– This is more for your kids but I know a lot of my friends kids use them for this. They don’t have their own antennas and this way they can bring them to school and show them off!

4. Christmas Decorations– Many people actually transform their antenna toppers into Christmas tree decorations! I think this is a fabulous idea and makes for a really unique tree. These also make pretty affordable Disney ornaments because they are much cheaper than buying Christmas tree ornaments at the Parks. For how to do this, check out my pinterest Disney decor board.

5. Make a Wreath– Now this doesn’t just need to be for Christmas. You can make a wreath for any season and Disney does not disappoint when it comes to variety. They have many seasonal antenna toppers as well as just fun general Disney ones as well. As stated above, the pinterest board I talked about as the how to there as well.



These are some of my favorites shown below with links if you are interested!!

2015-03-18 12_26_27-Amazon.com_ Disney Parks Dumbo The Flying Elephant Car Antenna Topper Top NEW_ E



Sorcerer Mickey!



2016-04-25 05_10_54-Amazon.com_ Disney Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse Antenna Topper Set_ Automotive

Minnie and Donald!!

There you have it. My top 5 ways to use Disney antenna toppers. If you are looking for more ideas, you can read Part 2 of this article!!! Have you done any of these? What’s your favorite way to use Disney antenna toppers? Share your pictures with us in the comment box below!!!


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