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Top 7 D-Style Must Haves For 25% Off!

I know that top 7 lists are usually subjective but people love them and I love to write them! I have such a hard time narrowing down all the amazing merchandise to only 7! D-Style is the incredible new line by Disney that I told you about back in August and is still relatively new to everyone. I decided to help everyone out with Christmas shopping and compile a top 7 list of D-Style must haves while they are on sale for 25% off at the Disney Store online!


  1. Minnie Mouse Leather Tote– Clearly, I had to go with something inspired by Minnie Mouse first. I love this leather tote, mostly because of the giant bow on the front of it. The faint polka dots on the bow don’t hurt either. This is a simple classic bag that is perfect for any Disney fan.


2. Minnie Mouse Cropped Tsum Tsum Sweater For Women– I think this sweater is perfect for the cooler season. I love tsum tsums… they are super cute. Gray is such a neutral color, I think it would work perfectly with jeans and boots.


3. Chip ‘n Dale Zip Cell Phone Case– Your phone needs to be stylish, too! I picked this one because of the love of my life. In truth, it was super hard to narrow down all the cuteness in the variety of cell phone cases. No matter what you choose, one of these D-Style cell phone cases will be perfect for any Disney fan.


4. Alice In Wonderland Pouch– Alice In Wonderland is one of my favorites and she is quite popular at the moment with the new movie trailers popping up. This would be an affordable and stylish holiday gift for some lucky Disney addict. Especially with the current sale!


5. Minnie Mouse Beaded Icon Sweater For Women– I think this one is subtle and, therefore, a conversation piece. I like it when people have to really take a closer look to see what the deal is. This is a warm sweater that is great for the cooler weather. Black also goes with everything. I like this one a lot!


6. Donald Duck Tsum Tsum Socks– I love the entire collection of tsum tsum socks but Donald never gets any attention so I chose him! I think these socks are fun and colorful. They would make great stocking stuffers!


7. Tsum Tsum Travel Bag Set– Tsum Tsums are all the rage. We know that they are super popular. Now that they have strayed from plush to fashion, this travel bag set seems like something a fashionista would love to have.

Right now, if you use the code DISNEYPAL, you can get 25% off your purchase. That means it is time to get some holiday shopping done! Now you have some help with your shopping list! I hope this helps! happy shopping, fashionistas!

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