Toy Story Chess Set Brings Out Playful Competition

Toy Story Chess

You’ve got a friend in me while playing a friendly game of Toy Story Chess! That is unless I get too competitive. Our favorite Toy Story characters are ready to take part in a game of strategy, with a playful twist. This collector’s chess set also includes full-color sculpted PVC figures of our fave pals too!

Buzz, Woody, Bo Peep, and Jessie have rounded up the gang, and are ready to play! The pals have been split into two teams, gold and blue. Buzz and Jessie lead the blue team, while Woody and Bo rally the charge for gold.

I really love how they did the pawns for the game! There aren’t many toys in the franchise that have multiples, but these choices were perfect. Blue team has Green Aliens, which is fitting for Buzz, while Woody’s gold team has the Army Men. We’ve seen the Army Men being the scouts for Woody since the first movie, so it is perfect.

The full roster features:

Blue Team –

  • Jessie and Buzz Lightyear as queen and king
  • Trixie and Rex as rooks
  • Dolly and Bullseye as knights
  • Slinky Dog and Mr. Pricklepants as bishops
  • And of course Little Green Aliens as pawns

Gold Team –

  • Bo Peep and Woody as queen and king
  • Forky and Hamm as rooks
  • Duke and Buttercup as knights
  • Bunny and Ducky as bishops
  • And the Army Men as pawns

You can find the beautiful collector’s set of Toy Story Chess online at shopDisney now for $59.95.

Would you include this fun and whimsical chess set for your family game night?

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