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Turn Your Home Into a Whole New World With This Magic Carpet From ThinkGeek

If you’re looking to add a little Disney magic to your home, I have the perfect rug for you. Actually, it’s not a rug, it’s a carpet. And it’s not just a carpet either. It’s a Magic Carpet!

This Magic Carpet from ThinkGeek will take your home decor to A Whole New World! It’s the perfect conversation piece for entryways, hallways, reading nooks, or kitchens. Whether you live in a Cave of Wonders or a tiny room, this Aladdin Magic Carpet Rug will make it that much more magical.

To note, the ability to fly is not included in this purchase. Drats!


Even though this carpet can’t actually fly, it’s still pretty magical! This rug features bound edges and 4-inch tassels on each corner. Those tassels are going to be a new favorite toy of my cats, I can just see it now. Oh well, as long as everyone is happy, right?

The Magic Carpet is 39 x 70 inches, so it’s definitely a good size for your space! At just $69.99, I expected this rung to be about the size of a bath mat. But in fact, it’s so much bigger! In case you’re struggling with the math right now, that’s about 3.25 feet x 5.8 ft. This is a great price for a great piece of Disney magic, don’t you think?

If you’re ready to add some Agrabah elegance to your home, head over to ThinkGeek to check out this Aladdin inspired Magic Carpet rug.

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