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Two New Dooney And Bourke Disney Collections To Be Released This April

I know how many of you feel about the Dooney and Bourke Disney Collections. There are strong feelings, both positive and negative. It seems that there are new collections being released every month and that is a lot to keep up with. My feeling is that this is just more selection to choose from! Now, you can actually carefully select the print that is perfect for you because there are that many to choose from! I like variety so this works for me. The two new Dooney and Bourke Disney collections are set to be released April 25th. Let’s take a look at the designs, where they will be available and learn about a special meet and greet!


The above collection is the Runway Princess Collection. This pattern may look familiar to you, as it did to me, as it is highly similar to the Dooney and Bourke bags that were released for the Princess Half Marathon back in February. People love their Princesses and were dying to get their hands on those bags but they were quite difficult to get, if you weren’t participating in the runDisney event. These Runway Princess Dooney and Bourke bags bring that design, with a base color change to the bag, to the masses… or at least more attainable than the Princess Half Marathon bags. On this pattern, you will find assorted Princesses, like Ariel, Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, posing  as Princesses do.

There are actually 5 different styles of the Runway Princess design to choose from. This full-color collection will include a zip satchel, a wallet, a Pouchette , a letter carrier  and a shopper tote. These are set to release at Cherry Tree Lane in the Marketplace Co-op at Downtown Disney Marketplace on April 25th. Major questions that I have been asked are regarding online sales…. well, they are set to arrive on Disney Store online by mid to late May. If you are hoping to get these when they arrive, like in time for Mother’s Day, you will either need to be at Disney Marketplace, Disneyland or purchase from a personal shopper online. Courtney, from Mouse To Your House, is currently taking pre orders for this entire collection so that you can have it in time for Mother’s Day or graduations. Here are the links for each:

Runway Princess Shopper Tote


Runway Princess Letter Carrier


Runway Princess Pouchette


Runway Princess Wallet


Runway Princess Zip Satchel


Now, if this collection isn’t enough, there is a second collection headed our way on April 25th at Cherry Tree Lane! This collection(seen below) is the Beach collection. If you look at the design, it is aptly named indeed! This collection is made of nylon, not leather, and features our favorite classic characters canoodling around at the beach. These nylon items will include a shopper tote, a backpack, a satchel and a letter carrier.


The Beach collection will be available for preview and purchase at Cherry Tree Lane at Walt Disney World on April 25th, just like the Runway Princess collection. The difference with the Beach design is that it will not appear online at the Disney Store until the summer and it has no current plans to be released in California. The Runway Princess Collection will release on both coasts. This means, that if you are wanting this Beach design, you will need to be at Walt Disney World after April 25th, wait till it arrives at the Disney Store this summer OR purchase from a personal shopper. You will find that Courtney, from Mouse To Your House, has these available for pre order as well. If you would like to get your hands on this design before Mother’s Day or graduation and won’t be at the Parks, click the links above that correspond to each Beach bag design and it will take you to the pre order form.

Last but not least, if you are able to make it to Walt Disney World for the release of these two new Dooney and Bourke Disney prints on April 25th, you will have an opportunity to meet Ian Ray, Creative Director for Dooney & Bourke, from 11 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. I think that is pretty cool. I’d love to pick this man’s brain about how they come up with all the new prints. If you are one of the lucky people that attend, say hi for me!

What do you think of these two new Dooney and Bourke Disney collections? Will you be waiting for either? Which is your favorite?? Let us know in the comment box below!


Thanks to Disney Parks Blog for the pictures.

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