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Vintage Dresses For Under $30 Are The Ultimate Disney Bounding Staple Pieces

I am not sure if you are in to Disney Bounding but I’m guessing, if you read this blog, you probably at least know about it. I am thinking of the D23 Expo  but the dresses I found today would work for Dapper Days or any Disney Bounding look, to be honest! These Vintage dresses are almost all under $20 (one isn’t) and they are the ultimate Disney Bounding staple pieces.

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Do you see the inspiration here? There are dots….and they involve black and white and maybe red….. Minnie Mouse! I can think of so many different ways to spin these looks. I already have the yellow shoes that I wore with my Minnie Mouse Disney Bounding look, I wore for my wedding rehearsal, but I could add Mickey or Minnie jewelry, purse or, if I wanted to go a bit more costumey, a set of Mickey ears! These dresses are around $20 at the moment!

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I see the Queen of Hearts when I look at these dresses. The bust line of the first one almost even look like a heart! Pair these with a heart shaped necklace or earrings, a card deck purse or anything that reminds you of the Queen of Hearts and Alice In Wonderland…. it’s perfect! Again, these dresses are around $20!

Sleeping Beauty
Fairy Godmother

What do you think of these choices? I love the vintage designs for each of these characters. If you think about when these movies were originally released (okay not Beauty and the Beast…) the vintage style is totally appropriate to timing of the release! These are a bit higher in price at mid $20s but, if you wait, I bet they will go on sale because those are the regular prices!


I had to mention my favorite villain, Cruella De Vil. Isn’t this dress perfect?! I could add dog accessories and maybe even this Dalmatian Kate Spade purse I have been eyeing. Red heels and lipstick…. ah! This one is being added to my cart now.

I found all of these dresses on Dress Lily and they are having a sale on many of the styles, including all the ones I shared above. I highly recommend getting over there and ordering whatever you think you may need in the upcoming year for your Disney Bounding looks. It’s rare to find such lovely dresses for such a great price and they even have free shipping worldwide!!!!!!!!!

What do you think, fashionistas? Do you like the dresses? Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

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