We Are Flipping Our Fins For The Little Mermaid Dooney and Bourkes!

Many fashionistas are flipping their fins this morning over the release of the new Little Mermaid Dooney and Bourke Collection. It did NOT arrive online overnight which has put some fashionistas into a tailspin (which is hard to do when you are a mermaid).

The collection did release at Ever After Jewelry Co, as we had mentioned a few days ago. Uptown Jewelers was not so lucky but I’m betting by tomorrow or Monday it will appear there as well. While we wait for it to show up online, let’s take a closer look at the details we didn’t have a few days ago.

There are 3 silhouettes in this Dream Big Princess release. The tote, as we mentioned, has a large image of Ariel on one side and her flipping her find on the backside. The bottom does have a different pattern as we suspected, that matches the pattern on the other 2 silhouettes. This retails for $268.

The satchel and crossbody have an overall pattern of Ariel, Sebastian and Flounder amongst other fun thingamabobs Ariel would find in the sea. The color is a pale aqua watercolor and is absolutely perfect for this bag. The satchel retails for $298 and the crossbody $228.


The lining is one of the things I look for when I buy a new bag. Sometimes the lining is so amazing it determines whether I will buy it. The Aladdin Dooneys had a vibrant teal lining that was exquisite against the purple pattern. The lining of this particular release is purple. It is spectacular and a favorite of this fashionista!

As I said, these are at Ever After Jewelry Co and not online. If you are wanting one of these bags pronto, you can find them HERE from our preferred personal shopper and she can even help with placement!

Have you been flipping your fins over the news of an Ariel Dooney and Bourke Collection?

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