The Weather is Chilly But These Hats Will Keep You Warm

It’s no secret that I really dislike winter. I would much rather live in warmer climates! Alas, I live in Michigan and each year it’s a struggle to keep warm. When I came across these Disney inspired hats, I knew my ears would not be cold this winter!

All of these Disney inspired hats are available on Etsy from WolfFawn. Just click on any of the links below the hats to get a closer look.

Okay, up first is a selection of winter hats inspired by one of my favorite Disney movies, Peter Pan.

peter-pan-winter-hat neverland-winter-hat mermaid-winter-hat

I love that even though all three of these hats are inspired by Peter Pan, they are each completely different and unique! First, add some floral to your winter look with the Peter Pan and Wendy hat. Next, fly to Neverland with the galaxy print hat. And finally, once you’ve arrived, chill out by the lagoon with a mermaid.

Okay, now let’s take a trip to the Disney Parks. This next set of winter hats will help you feel closer to Disney as you reminisce about your vacation memories.

haunted-mansion-winter-hat disneyland-winter-hat disney-castle-winter-hat

Add some spooky vibes to your winter wardrobe with the Haunted Mansion inspired winter hat. The happy haunts have received your sympathetic vibrations and want you to be warm this winter! Next, and this may be my absolute favorite hat, the Disney Park Shat ketch brings all the magic of Disney Parks together in one place – the top of your head! And if you’re anything like me, you call Disney Parks home! The Disney Castle Home hat will let everyone know where your heart truly lies.

In the last set of winter hats, let’s take a journey through some different Disney films!

ohana-winter-hat lion-king-winter-hat bing-bong-winter-hat

Everyone’s favorite trouble maker is front and center on this Ohana hat. That’s right, Stitch is ready to keep you warm this winter! When the winter blues have you down, just remember Hakuna Matata – it means no worries! The Lion King hat is perfect for fans of classic Disney animation. And finally, take a trip to the moon with this Bing Bong hat inspired by Pixar’s Inside Out.

Okay, these hats are definitely adorable and perfect for adding those Disney touches to your winter wardrobe. But how much do they cost? Each hat is only $22.50. That’s right! A totally unique Disney design for less than $25.00! Make sure to head over to Etsy, at WolfFawn, and check out your favorite.

Which winter hat is your favorite? Let me know which ones you want to wear this winter in the comments!


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