We’re In Puppy Love With These Pluto Ears

A dog is Man’s best friend, Pluto is Mickey’s best friend, and a good pair of Ears are my best friend! I am in falling in Puppy Love with these Pluto inspired mouse ears from OctostacheCrafts on Etsy.

They are the perfect pair of ears to wear to the Disney Parks to show everyone that you are a serious dog-lover and fan of Pluto. These lovely ears do not skimp on the sparkle factor at all! They feature a full sequin design on both the ears and full bow. Plus, the image of Pluto is full glitter too! But outside of the sparkle factor, let’s break down the different elements of these Pluto Ears.


This Pluto inspired design features a rich, deep yellow as the overall Ear color, which perfectly matches Pluto’s fur. The center of the Ears features a bright green bow, which is so similar to Pluto’s green collar. Pluto’s smiling face is featured on one of the ears, while his happy wagging tail is on the other ear. And just in case someone didn’t already realize from a mile away that these are Pluto Ears, his name is front and center on a cute little dog bone.

Are you in puppy love too? Head over to OctostacheCrafts on Etsy HERE to get your own pair of Pluto Ears for just $20.79.

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Monica V