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Which Disney Character Inspires Your Wardrobe??


After posting the article about Tinker Bell inspiring fashion on the runway, it made me think… who is my Disney inspiration when it comes to my wardrobe? I like to think I follow to the beat of my own drummer and don’t necessarily follow the most recent trend just because it is a ‘trend’. I have my own tastes and my own opinion on what looks good. I am a fashionista, though,  and with that comes a certain expectation from those who know you. So, I had to dig deep and really consider which Disney character influences me .

After careful consideration, I determined that I am most inspired by Minnie Mouse. I mean, after all, she is the most iconic fashionista in Disney history, is she not? Minnie sets the trends for what we consider to be the ultimate in Disney fashion. She has no fear and yet keeps her look simple and classic. She can wear a simple red and white dress but isn’t afraid to add a pop of color with yellow shoes! That’s my kind of mouse! I find myself following this very concept in my daily wardrobe. I’ve seen Minnie in many different outfits (she loves to do a wardrobe change every day on the cruise ships) and I find myself loving her style.

Now I ask you all, who’s your Disney character fashion influence? Leave a comment below. I’d love to heard what you think.

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