Wicked New Disney x RockLove Villains Jewelry Collection

Disney x RockLove Villains Jewelry Collection

The Disney Villains are a pop culture genre that has a huge following, in both decoration and fashion. Villains fans are always looking for beautiful Villains pieces that are also stylish and on trend. With the new Disney x RockLove Villains Jewelry Collection, that is exactly what they will get!

This gorgeous collection is inspired by three iconic villains, The Evil Queen, Ursula, and The Queen of Hearts. The sterling silver pieces are accented with subtle, yet stunning details. Shimmering faceted stones and vibrant enamel are mixed intricate designs for deviously delightful pieces. Each of the Disney collections are designed for the true Disney collector and casual fan alike; each boutique box comes designed full of detailed storytelling inside and out, including an embossed exterior and metallic silkscreened character art inside.

The Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is the main event of this collection. There are 6 beautiful pieces inspired by the original Bad Girl. The iconic apple is on several pieces, including necklaces, with an apple pendant that reads “The Fairest”, and a ring, that has hands offering the cursed fruit.

There is an alternate design to the hand and apple ring, that features a gold metal base, and has the hands offering up the poisoned apple.

Another apple piece is the iconic cursed poison apple necklace, that has a gunmetal finish for a darker look. This necklace perfectly captures the moment of The Queen removing the apple from the cauldron.

The Evil Queen’s infamous heart symbol is also featured in this collection. These pieces have an intricately designed inspiration of the heart and dagger design from the Queen’s box, that she gives to the Huntsman. The mixed metal colors give these pieces a lot of dimension too.

A wonderfully unique play on Ursula’s shell pendant makes a splash as part of this collection. Her infamous shell necklace, that traps Ariel’s voice looks beautiful, but there is also a stream of musical notes coming from the shell. This design comes in two different styles.

Other pieces inspired by Ursula showcase her tentacles. This necklace, ring, and earrings pair have a very Victorian nautical feel to them. If you look closely you’ll even notice little purple stones accent her tentacles. The necklace comes in a small and large version, which layer together wonderfully. The earrings are also available as posts or dangles.


An often overlooked Disney Villain, the Queen of Hearts gets some love for this assortment too. Twisting gold rose stems with a blackened texture wind around regal red blooms with vibrant green leaves. The roses have bits of white, that show the red paint dripping off. Hopefully, the Queen of Hearts doesn’t notice, or it’ll be off with our heads!

You can find the entire Disney x RockLove Villains Jewelry Collection on the RockLove website now.

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