Winnie the Pooh Inspired Tights Are a Great Addition To Your Winter Wardrobe

Winter wardrobes don’t have to be frumpy, bulky, or unfashionable. I personally love pairing some coloring tights with a pencil skirt for a workday look. These Winnie the Pooh inspired tights are a great addition to your winter wardrobe.


These are subtle enough to totally pull off in a laid-back office environment. Or, wear them with a dress to take your date-night look to the next level. I really love the deep red color, but if you are looking for something else, no worries! The Winnie the Pooh inspired tights are available in a whole range of colors. Now you can match any outfit!


I think the Mustard/Orange and Turquoise would look really great! Which color is your favorite?

Here is a view of the actual text on the tights. Winnie the Pooh is such a classic story so these tights are great for Disney fans and literature fans. If you are a teacher, these Winnie the Pooh inspired tights are perfect for the classroom!


If you are loving these Winnie the Pooh inspired tights as much as I am, you can find them HERE on Etsy at the TightShop (ironically enough). Don’t forget to let me know what you think in the comments!

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