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Would You Wear Birkenstocks If They Were Disney?

Birkenstocks are back and are all the rage. I could barely stomach them in the 90’s let alone now. I just don’t think they are very fashionable, even if the big name celebrities are wearing them. I know some of you are probably wondering about my taste when I am an advocate for fanny packs! That’s only at the Disney Parks, people! I figured, maybe, if I can get on board with fanny packs at the Disney Parks, I could possibly grow to like Birkenstocks if they were Disney.

Back in 2010, there were a line of Birkenstocks released called Birkis and there were a bunch of Disney themed Birkenstocks that were absolutely adorable. Let’s face it. Birkenstocks are definitely comfortable. These would be pretty perfect for a day of roaming around the Parks. I have tried everywhere to find them, especially now that Birkenstocks are so in style again. I found a ton on ebay and many of the sellers had multiple sizes of each shoe! I thought I would share with you some of my favorites and then direct you where to look, if you are a Birkenstock lover (or a convert because they are Disney).


How cute are these?? I am loving how Mickey and Minnie Mouse are looking at each other. The white might be a little hard to keep clean but I like the style better than typical Birkenstocks.


Check out Minnie Mouse on these cute, girlie sandals! This is closer to the classic cut but still has a criss cross twist to it. I love the fact there is color on the bottom of the shoe, as well.


Not everyone is a Minnie Mouse fan, these are for the people who want Mickey! I think these would go with almost anything. The black color is so neutral and Mickey isn’t too boldly colored that he would clash with whatever you are wearing (not that Mickey Mouse would ever clash with anything!).

$_12 (3)

This is another pair of the criss cross style with Minnie Mouse. These ones are actually for kids but I think they are worth sharing. I mean, kids look cute in Birkenstocks! I know my step daughter would love these!

$_12 (2)

Really?!? Bambi Birkenstocks??? I love these because they are so different! No one expects to find Bambi on a pair of sandals for adults. The colors are fun and the image is perfect. These are on ebay and still new with tags…. in multiple sizes!

$_12 (1)

These scream Disney Cruise Line to me! The colors and the design. Mickey and Minnie are peaking out of a port hole on a boat!! I am thinking these are the ones that may end up on my feet for our next Disney Cruise. (In fact, I just bought them… soooooo excited).

What do you think of these Disney Birkenstocks? If you weren’t a fan of Birkenstock before, have I converted you now that they are Disney?  If so, you can check a ton of options HERE. I know I was converted. I can’t wait to wear mine on the next Disney Cruise!! Let us know what you think in the comment box below!

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