You Can Look a Disney Princess Even When You’re Pregnant

Keeping hold of your Disney Fashionista status when you are pregnant can be a chore. But, if you are looking for the perfect Disney Princess style for your maternity shoot or baby shower, today’s Etsy discovery has you covered! Now, you can look like a Disney Princess even when you’re pregnant.

This Snow White inspired gown is absolutely perfect for a maternity photoshoot or for wearing to your baby shower! After all, just because you have a baby on-board, that doesn’t mean you can’t live out your Disney Princess dreams! This dress features double fabric around the bust (to um, keep things secure), and the rest of the dress is one layer of fabric to keep you cool.

The Snow White inspired look features a sweetheart top and an empire waist made of jersey knit which is a soft stretch fabric.

As far as we know from the story, Snow White was not a mother, but I think she would have made a great Disney Mom! After all, she was already taking care of the Seven Dwarfs – how much harder could things get?!

Are you ready to rock your maternity wear with this Disney inspired style? Head over to Milinadesigner on Etsy HERE to check out this Snow White inspired look. And remember, you may be pregnant, but you can still show off your Disney side!

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Monica V