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The 2017 Valentine’s Day MagicBand Has Arrived!

I love Valentine’s Day! I admit that I used to hate it and wear all black but, now, I love it! It is definitely a Hallmark holiday but, when you have someone you love (or really like) it’s fun to have a day to relish in it, along with everyone else in a lovey dovey mood. When I think of Disney and Valentine’s Day, I think about all of the fabulous Disney couples! There is one particular couple that epitomizes love, and I am not talking about Mickey and Minnie (though they are fabulous). Disney feels the same way I do about the couple! The 2017 Valentine’s Day MagicBand has arrived and Lady and The Tramp are the stars!


This is currently only available on the Shop Disney Parks App and online at the Disney Store HERE. This MagicBand is a 2017 Limited Edition MagicBand! That means that there are limited quantities and they will not be restocking when they are gone.


I got the pink Mickey and Minnie one last year and every time I enter the Magic Kingdom, the Mickey at the kiosk lights up pink and it makes a kissing sound! I am not sure of this one has extra magical powers but it does have one of the most romantic moments of all Disney time on it! I adore Lady and the Tramp and the spaghetti scene is iconic!

What do you think of the 2017 Valentine’s Day MagicBand? Are you going to try to get one? Let us know what you think in the comment box below!


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