The Many Magical Ways To Add Disney To Your New York City Visit

Planning a trip to NYC is always a fabulous time. As a fan of all things Disney, I wanted to make sure that I added in as many Disney elements to my trip as possible. There are some that are obvious (2 things, actually) but I found so many more!! I just kept finding things! As many other fashionistas out there also love NYC (what’s not to love?) I thought I would share the many magical ways to add Disney to your New York City visit!


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I am going to start with the obvious and move to the less obvious. Broadway. I’m sure you probably all thought of that. Whether you see The Lion King or Aladdin, Disney is a stand out on Broadway. We went to see Aladdin, as I have seen The Lion King many times, and it was sensational! I had met James Monroe Iglehart at the D23 convention last summer and he was just as fabulous on stage as off. He totally deserved that Tony award! The decor is sublime, the show is fantastic and it is definitely a must do in NYC!




If you are going to be at a Broadway show, you might as well walk across the street and go to the Disney Store in Times Square. It is unlike any other Disney Store AND they have many Disney items that speak of NYC to give you a true Disney souvenir from NYC. You cannot get these items elsewhere so you need to get at least a little something.

While at Times Square, you might want to check out the Earl of Sandwich. If you frequent Disney Marketplace at Disney Springs, you are familiar with Earl of Sandwich. I grabbed my favorite sandwich and felt nostalgic for my southern “home.”


If you really want to add some Disney magic, though a little twisted in my opinion, you can stop and have your picture taken with the Disney characters in Times Square. They are interesting, to say the least, and not quite like we may know them from the Disney Parks but they are still Mickey and Minnie.


If you enjoy a nice walk, Central Park is where you will want to go next. There are a few things in Central Park to add Disney magic to your visit. There is always the bridge seen in Enchanted, where Amy Adams is singing “That’s How You Know,” and you can re-enact it! I may or may not have done that (I totally did). There is also an Alice in Wonderland statue donated to the Park that is quite lovely. It has placards to tell you all about it. It’s like a museum outside!


While you are walking back from Central Park, stop at the Coach Store and see the Disney x Coach display. It was one of the nicest I have seen of any Coach store and they had a few pieces I had only seen online. It is NYC, after all, home of many fashionistas!


There is a Star Wars exhibit in NYC, as well! If you love Star Wars, this is definitely a great way to beat the heat of the summer in the city and it all kinds of super cool artifacts.

I didn’t have time to go, as I was in NYC for my bridal gown fitting, but going to the location of the 1964 World’s Fair where Walt was is a fantastic way to add Disney magic to your trip!

What do you think of all these magical Disney things to do in NYC? Did you know about any of them? All of them? Let us know what you think in the comment box below!

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