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Unique Disney Inspired Tees from Henry and Laffite Mercantile

I will readily admit that I have a Disney obsession. I usually have something on that is Disney no matter where I’m going. But while most people will easily recognize Mickey Mouse as being a Disney character, it takes a true fan to associate hatchets, goats, and yetis with Disney! Henry and Laffite Mercantile is a California based company that makes the most unique (not to mention, the softest!) Disney tees I’ve ever seen! These definitely aren’t your traditional Disney designs, although the Disney influence certainly shines through.

This shirt is called The Bride (even the design names are cool!), and it has an edgy, slightly minimalist vibe to it. It’s obviously inspired by the Haunted Mansion and looks amazing with the Haunted Mansion accessories from the Dress Shop (pictured above.) This shirt is so incredibly soft; I seriously want to live in it! Even my kids went crazy over this one!  Do you know how rare it is to get clothing compliments from a teenager?! That alone put this shirt on my top ten list! When I wore it for an evening at Disney Springs, this shirt got me a lot of attention! I had guests and Cast Members alike asking where they could get one.

This tee is called The Bottle. (I do truly adore the design names.) Lately, I’ve been drawn towards Alice in Wonderland designs, and this one is perfection! It looks like it was plucked straight out of Wonderland and even comes complete with a Drink Me tag. This shirt will be mine very soon!

This last shirt makes me smile every time I read it, which of course I do in Jack Sparrow’s voice! This tee would be perfect for a day at the parks or a viewing of the upcoming movie. Pirates of the Caribbean is such an iconic part of Disney history, and I love items that pay homage to the classics. The Laffite of Henry and Laffite Mercantile also has connections to the Pirates attraction. Visit their website for the full story on that and for a great dose of Disney anytime. They even have Disney themed Spotify playlists! You can find this shirt HERE!

I was truly impressed with the quality of both the printing and the material of The Bride shirt, as well as the creativity of the design. There are several other designs and colors available on their website, most starting at XS and running through 3XL. There is also a size chart available to help you pick the perfect fit. (For you visual learners, I’m wearing an XL in the above pic.) The shirts start at $28, but using code FASHIONISTA will take 10% off your order–and orders over $50 ship free! So happy shopping, Fashionistas!

Which of these Henry and Laffite Mercantile tees will you be adding to your collection? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Lindsay East is a teacher by day and a Disney princess by night. She enjoys visiting the parks with her husband and their two children. She is lucky enough to live close to Disney World but hasn't yet managed to move into the castle.

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  • Hi there! Steve from Henry & Laffite Mercantile here! Just wanted to thank you for the kind words, and I’m so happy you’re so pleased with the shirt! A quick note on sizing: the XL that Lindsay is wearing here is not a shirt style we offer any longer. It was an incredibly slim fit and people had some issues with picking the right size. What we offer now are the same super soft tri-blend material, but the shirts fit much more true-to-size. This XL shirt would fit more like a L or even a M today. Do check out the Sizing Guide on our site, linked in the footer and from every product page, before buying.

    For a quick real-world example, while I don’t have a pic to share, I am a guy, 6’2″ and 280lbs… and the 3XL is too big for me, the 2XL is just right. So Lindsay would be swimming in one of our XLs now!

    Thanks again for the kind words!