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2015 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Dooney & Bourke Bags Revealed


It’s almost time to end 2014 and start 2015 and, with that, comes a new season of runDisney events. What comes with a new year of runDisney events? Why runDisney merchandise, of course! The first thing to be revealed for the Walt Disney World 2015 Marathon Weekend, aside from the medals, is the Dooney & Bourke Collection exclusive to the expo. Many of you know how this works already. You can only get the handbags at the runDisney expos. It’s the same as it is for the new balance shoes. The difference between the handbags and the shoes is that you can actually preorder the handbag of your choice, which you cannot do for the shoes… yet. I anticipate that will change for the New Balance shoes in the future.

What does all the mean for you? Well, it means that there is a much smaller availability of the handbags at the event for purchase since they know many of the clientele preordered. I can speak from experience, as I purchased a bag at the Walt Disney World Marathon expo this year, that the bags are limited and sell out quickly. I bought one of 15 that were left by mid afternoon the first day of the expo. I had a friend meet me there and she decided she wanted one only a an hour or so later. You can see where this is going. There were none left. Let me say this, if you are registered to run a race at this event, preorder your bag!!! If you are not, and you happen to be attending the expo, head to the Dooney & Bourke kiosk first. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. They will most likely be gone before the end of the first day.

So let’s take a look at this year’s bags! I am loving the fact that the print is obviously representative of the runDisney event. Anyone who sees this bag, and also knows Disney, should know where you got it. It has little flags with 13.1 and 26.2 on them. It also has the representations of the parks you run through! There’s a castle, the “big ball” as my niece calls it for Epcot, the water tower for Hollywood Studios and the Tree of Life. Not to be forgotten are the legends themselves. Mickey, Minnie, Dopey and Goofy are all racing around on this handbag. The colors are vibrant and the leather trim is tan and neutral. It’s a fabulous momento of your race weekend.

WDW-Dooney5 (2)

The Letter Carrier is $189. It’s a cross body type bag which I am a huge fan of to use at the Parks. It has a almost a bit of an hour glass shape, which makes it a bit different than previous bags. It’s my fave.

WDW-Dooney5 (1)

The Smith Bag is $360. It’s a bit larger of a bag and has some fun details like the tan tassels! If you like a medium to larger size bag, this one is for you.

WDW-Dooney5 (3)

The satchel is $269. It’s a good medium sized bag that zips closed and also has the shoulder strap available, in case you prefer to carry your handbag that way.

WDW-Dooney5 (4)

The wristlet is $98. This piece is probably the most affordable but it is quite small and is really only meant to carry the very basics. It would work well as a wallet within on of the other bags, if you like to match your accessories.


The Lexi Crossbody bag is $159, In my opinion, this bag or the Letter Carrier are the perfect size handbag to take with you around the Parks. I love being able to keep my bag close to me and I feel it’s safe and secure in the cross body style.

I am loving the new collection and know it will be gone quickly! If you will be at the expo, enjoy! Good luck to everyone racing and good luck to those trying to get one of these bags. I’m very jealous.

Do you love the newest Marathon Dooney & Bourke bags? Which is your favorite?


Thanks to runDisney.com for the images.

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