A Fashionable Look At Our Disney Fairy Tale Wedding Planning Session


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I am so in love and thrilled to be marrying the love of my life. I have been blessed enough to find someone who is as obsessed with Disney as I am and that, of course, leads to a Disney Fairy Tale wedding!! I have been so blessed  to have such an incredible group of followers of Disney Fashionista and many of you have asked to be kept in the loop of the wedding planning. I will happily oblige. We recently had our sit down planning session with our wedding planner at Disney Fairy Tale Weddings and I am thrilled to be able share our experience withe you now!

What you need to know is that Disney Fairy Tale Weddings really takes the worry out of planning a wedding. If you can think it, they can do it! They devote an entire day to going through each and every detail of your wedding. You don’t have to be there in person but it is way more fun if you can be!

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We met our wedding planner, Lisa, at Franck’s at 9am and she was there waiting for us with a private room and beverages to get the ball rolling. We discussed everything to do with the timing of the wedding day, to transportation the day of, to who will be in your pictures. I had a list of questions and all of my questions were answered before I even got a chance to ask! It was like she was in my head. I had filled out a detailed pre-planning session packet with all the details of what I envisioned for my wedding, as well as the factual information like who is in the wedding party. Having that filled out in advance most certainly made things flow seamlessly.

We discussed musicians at the wedding, for which we have chosen a guitarist. We talked about what songs we wanted used during the ceremony, including having my dear pseudo niece sing Rainbow Connection while we do a sand ceremony with my soon to be stepdaughters. She gave us guidance when we weren’t sure of things and she was right on target.

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Next up, we had a meeting with our floral consultant Sarah. We kicked Chip out so the women could discuss the bridal bouquet. I am not going to give away the details of my bouquet (Chip could be reading this) but I will say that Sarah mentioned that my bouquet was going to be fun, and unlike anything she had created. I won’t lie, that made me very happy. I am not much for cookie cutter. I will, however, have the obligatory hidden Mickey’s in my bouquet because that is a staple.

I had absolutely no clue what to expect when it came to floral. I will admit that it was probably my least planned area. When Sarah asked about what flowers I like and started throwing out names of flowers, I felt like a dumbo. I had no idea. Fortunately, they have a big screen tv, connected to the internet, in these planning rooms and we searched the web and my pinterest board to create the perfect look. We narrowed down the men’s boutonnieres to orchids , as well as the mom’s corsages. Everything down to the ribbon on the stems is discussed at this session.

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Floral also discusses the ceremony decor (which I am keeping a secret for now… I can’t give it all away!) and the centerpieces for the reception. That was another vision I had that Sarah stated she had never done and was excited to try. I’m getting goose bumps just thinking about it! The table linens took my by surprise. I had no clue what upgrades I wanted but I knew I did want upgraded linens. You don’t have to do this but I figured why not?! When we asked what they had in purple and pink, there were at least 60-70 fabric swatches put in front of us. WOW! I will tell you we finally nailed it  down to the swatches seen above and I could not be more excited!!!


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When we were done with floral, it was time to try cake samples and fillings! They ask for your requests prior to your arrival so they can have 4 cake flavors and 4 fillings, ready for you. We thought we had it all figured out. We were so smart. Wrong! When we tasted the cake with the fillings we came up with a combo we fell in love with but, again, has not been done before… at least by our planner.  The decision….. orange cake with strawberry basil filling! Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! It was incredible!

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After a short break, we went to the kitchen at the Grand Floridian Convention Center to meet with Chef  Orlando and a service team dressed to the nines. There was a table set elegantly for Chip, my mother and I (and of course, Lisa). We had given a list of items we wanted to sample so we could make our decisions for our brunch buffet. Chef Orlando and his team presented each dish and took notes for what we would like changed, if anything, for the wedding. Let me tell you this, you may think you have the food figured out when you go but you are wrong! We changed quite a few things and we are so impressed! I am not sharing the menu yet, but I will. There have to be a few things we keep secret for now! Everything was beyond delicious and I walked out of there so stuffed, I couldn’t even eat dinner at our 6:30 reservation at Kona Cafe!

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When we were finished in the kitchen, we headed to the White hall, which is where we are having our reception. We discussed a few details about the big day and wrapped up our 7.5 hours of planning. We even walked back to the Grand Floridian and got our picture with Richard. That completes any Disney Bride’s day!

I can honestly say that I am ecstatic we are having our wedding at Disney World with Disney Fairy Tale Weddings. We are using all Disney vendors and I have been nothing but impressed. They exceed what is expected of them and make the couple feel stress free. I hope you enjoyed hearing about our day and I will be sharing more as it happens!

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