Add A Little Droid To Your Kitchen With These Galactic Items From The Droid Depot

Three weeks ago I was returning to NC from Disneyland and my first, and certainly not last, visit to Galaxy’s Edge. One of my favorite things about Star Wars are the droids and I had a super fun time visiting the Droid Depot. I didn’t have a chance to build my own droid but I did find some incredible droid merchandise to bring home to my kitchen!

R2-D2 himself was roaming around in front of the items I wanted to bring home so I’m taking that as meaning I have his blessing to shop! This steel bowl would be awesome to serve salad or chips in. It is super solid and the theme is spot on. If it hadn’t been too heavy to carry around all day, it would have been mine!


This print featuring two of our favorite droids can be found on plates as well as tea towels. It allows for a complete look in a droid kitchen.

This mug is huge! Some mornings I am working for a few hours on the website and this would supply me with enough coffee to get through it all. Did I point out that R2 and BB8 comprise the mug? Too cute!

I am obsessed with trivets in my kitchen and they are all Disney (of course). This BB8 trivet is the newest addition to that collection!

What’s a Disney kitchen without a wine stopper?! This droid inspired wine stopper is from a galaxy far, far away.

The Droid Depot in Galaxy’s Edge is where you can find all these droid inspired goodies. Did I just make you want to go even more than you already did? Let me know what you are hoping for in the comment box below!


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