Droid Inspired Jewelry From The Droid Depot At Galaxy’s Edge

Droid Inspired Jewelry

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is a truly immersive experience. You won’t find branded Star Wars merchandise in the area known as Batuu, but you can find some unique surprises like the Droid Inspired Jewelry from the Droid Depot. The Droid Depot itself is an experience that goes beyond basic souvenir shopping.

The jewelry here is meant to look like pieces you would find at an actual Droid market. The pieces are inspired by our favorites R2-D2, and BB-8 along with lots of circuit board, and microchip like details.


A great example is this stunning metal cuff, it really does look like a piece of repurposed droid shell, but if you look closely you’ll see BB-8 heads etched out in the circuitry.


These pendant necklaces are another selection of pieces that look like they came straight from a repurposed Droid. These pieces even have a worn antiqued look to them too.

There are more obvious R2-D2 and BB-8 inspired pieces as well. These double pendant necklaces look like microchips shaped like our beloved Droid heroes. They have also given BB-8 items a more coppery look, to replicate his bright orange accents.


This leather cord bracelet has antique looking pieces of interlocking metal, that actual create BB-8!

Droid Inspired Jewelry

Although these earrings are inspired by R2-D2, I am kind of getting a Death Star vibe from them, and I love it! The bottom half of these circuit board like earrings, actually have a design of Artoo’s head!

I really think the way these did the Droid Inspired Jewelry is truly impressive. Not only does it have the look of characters we love, but it also looks like authentic pieces we might actually find in a galaxy, far, far away.

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