Aloha To The Newest Spirit Jerseys, Ears and Loungefly Designs at Aulani!

It’s been over a year since I have been to Aulani and I am going through serious withdrawals. I never thought I would fall that in love with Hawaii (I know, I’m crazy). Obsessing over the newest merchandise and planning my next shopping trip helps to get me through. There are new Spirit Jerseys, Loungefly and more to help me get through the void.

I’m going to start off with this Loungefly bag because it really just has the perfect hint of Hawaii. That Plumeria is everything! The fact that this mini backpack is black really does mean complete versatility. I like the blue and pink as added color and this really ties it in with a lot of the other merchandise they have at Aulani right now. The glitter on the side pocket adds just the right amount of bling.


If you aren’t wanting another mini backpack (I can’t resist them) there is also this wallet. It would go perfectly inside the mini backpack, though (just sayin’). Minnie Mouse is looking tropical with her flower tucked behind her ears and pineapples, shells and Mickeys are found throughout the designs in sunset type colors.

Did you notice that the Loungefly label on the front says Aulani? Nice touch!

I said the colors were on trend with other merchandise at Aulani right now and this is what I was thinking of. I can’t wear crop tops anymore but this would look sweet on someone that can! I am dying over the colors but the Mickey head as the “O” in Aloha has me thinking I could wear it if I just lost ….. no. This thought isn’t going anywhere good.

We’ve shown the purple and pink SPirit Jerseys that also arrived not so long ago but this black floral Spirit Jersey is a lot more neutral, despite the floral print, and would work on anyone. I am totally wanting to pair it with the Loungefly mini backpack!

We’ve shown the newest Plumeria Ears (there are three designs!) but these are the new ones from Tory Richards that go with much fo the clothing you can buy from the designer made exclusively for Aulani.

Loungefly, Spirit Jerseys and Ears, oh my! What a list this will be. If you are wanting any of these exclusive Aulani items, you will need a personal shopper. We recommend @hawaiishopper on IG and her site is She can actually get you anything from Hawaii but this is Disney Fashionista, after all! Just tell her we sent you when you message her and she will take excellent care of you!

What do you think of the latest and greatest from Aulani? See anything you love? Let us know in the comment box below!

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