Become A Happy Haunt In The New Dress From The Dress Shop!

I have been waiting for this. Becoming a happy haunt seems intriguing at first but the logistics not so much. The new Haunted Mansion inspired dress from The Dress Shop will allow me to feel like a happy haunt without actually becoming one!

If you are a fan of the Haunted Mansion wallpaper then you will appreciate the fabulousness that is this dress!

The silhouette of the dress is very similar to the Trader Sams dress released a few months ago, if you are looking for a comparison. The top is this lovely pattern with a faux mesh overlay. The fabric is actually made to look like it has a mesh overlay but it isn’t! The criss-cross design is very flattering and forgiving for most body types.

The back shows the overall design is A-line and really shows the rouging at the waistline which also very flattering and forgiving. I like anything that has these two qualities!

The bottom of the dress is a looser pattern of the wallpaper in the attraction. The purple color has an ombre effect. The eyes are everything, though! This is not something we usually see when we find fashion items inspired by the wallpaper. It is very true to the Haunted Mansion, though and that makes me love it even more!

You may be wondering, as I was if the eyes glow in the dark. The cast members weren’t sure so we had to test the theory. The answer is no. I thought they might but they are just for show.

This dress is available at a few locations including Memento Mori and Uptown Jewelers at Magic Kingdom. It is not yet available online. If you are wanting to snag this dress before the crowds get them all (I already got mine!) you can find them HERE from our preferred personal shopper.

Is this dress going to be yours? Have you been waiting like me? Let us know in the comment box below!

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