Haunted Mansion 50th Merch Is This Fashionista’s Dream Come True!

We knew it was coming but now that the Haunted Mansion 50th merch has arrived at Disney World it is literally making all my dreams come true. From Dooneys to Alex and Ani to Pandora to that incredible dress, my wallet is crying and it’s not because it saw a ghost!

It’s not like any of this is a surprise. We have shared the pics and news it was coming a few times now but there is something about actually seeing it that changes everything for me. I honestly don’t even know where to start with it all!

The Dooney and Bourke bags have been received with a bit less excitement than I think Disney was hoping for but I will say they are much nicer in person. They do have the Haunted Mansion wallpaper design (again) but the gold in the design reflecting the Haunted Mansion’s golden anniversary is really lovely. Not to mention the “50” incorporated in the design. There are three silhouettes crossbody ($228), tote ($248) and satchel (which is for annual passholders- $248).


The lining is purple which is a fab tribute to the actual color of the wallpaper in the attraction!


The hangtag says Disneyland 5oth because we all know this isn’t the 50th for the Walt Disney World version. It’s a stunning hangtag and if I didn’t want the bag before, I want it now!


Next up we have the Funko Pop of Madame Leota. I know you may be wondering why this is a Fashionista’s dream and it’s simply because some o these Funko Pops! are fashion for my office (okay decor but you get what I mean). This Funko Pop! is highly in demand and I will be shocked if they are not on eBay for hundreds of dollars. I am guessing they will sell out today but I could be wrong. Hopefully, Disney realizes the demand.

Madame Leota Funko Pop retails for $19.99.

Now for the jewelry! Alex and Ani released this new bangle that is double-sided and comes in a gold finish to commemorate the 50th and it says 50 Years of Happy Happy Haunts. I think this looks fabulous in gold and it’s fitting for the occasion.

We were waiting for the Haunted Mansion Pandora charms and had only seen the artwork for, what turns out to be, the set. This set is everything I was hoping for and more. I won’t lie. The dangle charm says Home Is Where the Haunt Is. The set retails for $130 and is not yet at Disneyland but it should arrive shortly.

There is also a dress and it is stunning!! I can honestly say this is the one item out of everything that is a must-have for me. Prepare to see me rocking this dress at D23 Expo 2019! This silhouette is super flattering on a curvy girl like me. I love the difference in the wallpaper pattern on the top versus the larger pattern on the bottom. It’s a gorgeous design and was found at Uptown Jewelers for $128.

We knew this Ear hat was coming but, like the Dooneys, this is much nicer in person than I expected. We are expecting the Disney Parks Designer Ears to release the Madame Leota Ears but that will happen tomorrow at WDW and today at Disneyland. They will be online on August 12th.

There are pins and tees and all kinds of other goodies but these are my highlights. If you are looking for wany of these items, they are not yet online. You can check our preferred personal shopper,, HERE. She should be able to help you out!

What are you most excited for from the Haunted Mansion 50th merch? Let us know in the comment box below!




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