Bingo Games For The Disney Fan

For decades, Disney’s animated films and shorts have continued to touch countless generations, and their iconic characters have become part of various forms of media. From getting their own TV shows to appearing on shirts, toys, and décor, these characters have added flair and fun to the most mundane things.

It comes as no surprise then, that several bingo games have also been created with these fun Disney characters as the focus. They even created a Disney DVD Bingo game with clips from their movies back in 2005! Bingo as we know it has been around for almost quite as long as Disney, give or take a couple of decades, experiencing an incredible boom in the 1950s. While these days, bingo has transitioned to being largely played online, it still has some of the same elements, and most memorable about them are the fun and quirky bingo calls made, from the “two fat ladies” (the bingo call for 88), to “Winne the Pooh” (the bingo call for 42). These bingo calls are often brought to life, even starring in an advert by Iceland Bingo in 2013:

While these bingo calls are great in themselves, Disney-themed bingo cards just add an added element of fun, as they replace the numbers of traditional bingo cards with Disney characters. This set from RobbyGurl’s Creations, for example, has characters from nearly ever Disney generation, and all you’d need to do is print them out on cardstock and use the bingo “balls” – which have the characters’ names instead of numbers – to begin playing. You could make the game more fun and challenging by replacing the names on the bingo balls with trivia about the characters, forcing players to try and remember the movies these characters starred in to be able to find the characters on their cards.


Hypable has also made some bingo boards that are meant to be marked off as Disney announces a new live-action adaptation of a classic movie. They’ve taken the movies from a pool of 29 – including the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Peter Pan, and the Dumbo – and created several sets of cards for them.


These games aren’t just excellent to play at home – if you’re planning a Disney-themed wedding, these easy Disney games will be a hit at the reception, and could help you tie a bingo theme into your wedding as well.

I think these games are super fun and are a great addition to a party, as well as the above mentioned ideas. What do you think? Would you play Disney bingo?? Let us know what you think in the comment box below!

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