Bow Belt Bags Add Style To Any Disney Inspired Outfit!

If you know anything about me, the Disney Fashionista, I love fanny packs. I don’t care what you call them. Fanny packs, bum bags, hip packs or bow belt bags….. they are perfect for the Parks and I love to wear them. When I saw these bow belt bags, I felt like I could elevate my fanny pack fashion and therefore any Disney inspired outfit!

Let’s go classic to start. The one thing I won’t wear a fanny pack with is dresses. I just don’t feel that they look right. I am thinking, with the right dress, I might be able to change that mindset now because adding a sparkly bow like this might actually look pretty spectacular with the right dress! You can find this beauty HERE.

As the rainbow sequinned items in the Parks have been such a hot commodity, a matching bow belt would be the perfect addition to that kind of look! I like the fact that this would go with a lot of different colored looks. I mean, it’s the rainbow! You can find this one HERE.

Rose gold is obviously the current trend and that means you need a bow belt to match! There are mini backpacks in Rose Gold now but, if you don’t love backpacks, this is another option to complete your rose gold look! You can find these HERE.

If you are a fan of Disney Bounding, there are many different character inspired bow belts to choose from. I like this Snow White one but there are many more. You can find this one HERE.

I found all of these (there are 2o plus in total) on Etsy at a shop called SewMinnieStyle. There are some fabulous Disney inspired items in this shop and it is a must-see for any Disney fashionista.

What do you think of this super sparkly bow belts? Are you a fan? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!

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