Carry The Key To The Magic With These Stunning New Pandora Pieces!

It was a couple of months ago that we previewed the new Key to the Magic Pandora jewelry. I don’t know if that’s the official name but that is what it looks like to me! Now, you can carry a magical key with you no matter where you go!

I am a Pandora charm bracelet girl but some people prefer necklaces. You could wear your Pandora charm on a chain, as is the new style, or you could opt for the necklace. Both pieces are magical.

The two pieces are actually quite different. The necklace is almost a reverse design of the charm. At the bottom of the key, you will find a stunning castle instead of the “teeth” of the key. The top is a Mickey head silhouette. It isn’t an ordinary silhouette either as it has lovely gemstones and a bit of a twist to the metal. It’s just stunning!

The charm is my must-have piece. Mickey is found on the bottom of the key (where the castle is on the necklace charm) and the castle is the top of this dangle charm. There is even a touch of rose gold and some sparkle at the top of the charm where it hands from your bracelet. It’s positively breathtaking!

These are Park Exclusive pieces and were spotted at Ever After Jewelry Co at Disney Springs. I am sure they will also be at other Pandora counters throughout the Parks like Uptown Jewelers at Magic Kingdom and Mouse Gear at Epcot or the stunning new shop at Hollywood Studios!

The 32″ necklace is $140 and the Pandora dangle charm is $70.

If you are wanting to snatch up one of these beautiful pieces now, you can email the preferred personal shopper of Disney Fashionista at [email protected] and she will help if she can!

Are you hoping to hold the key to the magic with you wherever you go? Let us know which piece you prefer!

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