Carry Your Drink With This Haunted Mansion Wallpaper Drink Holder

Haunted Mansion Drink Holder 2

Haunted Mansion Drink Holder 1

Let me introduce you to the necessity you never knew you needed–this Haunted Mansion Wallpaper Drink Holder from ohsonerdy on Etsy.  Imagine this: You’re getting out of your car after a trip to Starbucks or your local bubble tea place.  You have to figure out a way to bring all of your stuff in from the car without dropping any of it or spilling your tasty beverage on yourself (or on the floor)!  If you’re like me, this means you have to carry your purse, water bottle, keys, phone, and probably an adorable Chihuahua.  You could put your drink in your hand, but then how would you unlock the door?  If you hold your drink with your arm, it will likely spill out onto your shirt.  You need extra hands!  That’s where this spook-tacular drink holder comes in handy (pun intended)!  Just slip it onto your drink, put it on your wrist, or even loop a finger into the strap!  No more spilled drinks!

Haunted Mansion Drink Holder 2

This adorable drink holder fits most standard cold drink cups like Starbucks and bubble tea cups!  It wraps around your cup to help insulate it, and it has a strap so you can easily carry your drink!  Your hand will never get cold!  When you aren’t using the black strap, just let it hang to the side!  You’ll still have a fabulous Haunted Mansion wallpaper print coffee sleeve!

If you are interested in purchasing this boo-tiful drink holder for your next Starbucks run, you can find it HERE!

Although I love Frappuccinos, now I’m craving some bubble tea!  What type of drink would you carry in this drink holder?  Let us know in the comments below!

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