Vera Bradley Mickey Mouse Whimsical Paisley Bags Now On shopDisney!

Thursday is here and we finally have a better idea of what is included in the new Vera Bradley Mickey Mouse Whimsical Paisley Collection! When I shared it with you a week or so ago I knew of 5 silhouettes. I was right, though. It turns out there are many more!

If you were worried about getting your hands on one of these bags because you couldn’t be at Disney Springs today, heave a sigh of relief. The 10 piece collection is actually also on shopDisney! Everything from a tote to lanyard is available.


Let’s start with a fan favorite, the duffel. This is perfect to travel with and is an excellent size for a carry-on. The print features Mickey Mouse along with the castle and balloons. These are a few of my favorite things! You can really get a good view of the castle on this size bag. Look at how big the image is on the left side of the bag. This duffel bag retails for $120.

The tote bag is also $120 and is more practical for a day of errands or a day at the parks. because of the design with the handles and the front zipper, it makes it a bit harder to find good placement than the duffel but it’s still attainable.

I love the cosmetic case, personally. This also shows the print up close really nicely. this particular image of Mickey with the balloons is sheer perfection. As you can see, it would be hard to get the perfect placement of Mickey and the Castle. This retails for $40.

The backpack would be great for school, work or the Parks. Unlimited possibilities. The front zipper pocket adds extra versatility, too. This one retails for $130.

If you are like me, you enjoy a good crossbody and there are a couple of different options for that. Above is the hipster and it is the perfect size if you like to carry more than a card holder, phone and lipstick but not everyone else’s stuff. This one is $85.

The mini hipster is my go-to for just the essentials. The above pic also shows the inner lining which I find adorable! Mickey balloons?!? Yes, please! This one retails for $60.

If you are looking for a new way to carry your lunch. this could be your new option! This retails for $45.

If you love the lining, turn that Vera inside out (kind of) and grab a lanyard ($25), all in one crossbody ($80) or card holder ($20) in the balloon print!

All of these designs are available on shopDisney HERE now. I love that we didn’t have to wait! This is awesome news. If you are at Disney Springs, head to the Vera Bradley store and pick out your own placement. If placement is important to you, message the DF page and I can give you info for our preferred personal shopper.

What do you think of the new Vera Bradley Mickey Mouse Whimsical Paisley print?

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