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Disney Bounding With The Disney Fashionista- Tinker Bell!!

It’s another week and a whole new month. Halloween has come and gone and it’s time to move away from the villains. This week in Disney Bounding with the Disney Fashionista we are moving towards another character with a little spunk… Tinker Bell. This sassy little pixie is a favorite among many Disney fans and why wouldn’t she be?? She’s got a sassy little personality, she can fly and she has the perfect little figure. She’s the perfect inspiration for this week’s Disney Bounding character! Let’s take a look at what TInker Bell would dress like as a professional woman!


Tink’s signature colors are green and yellow. We decided to give Tink a professional spin since it is is out of character for her, if you will. This outfit is all about the green fitted sweater, in my opinion,. The skirt is a full, white, pleated skirt and the pleats remind me of Tinker Bells’ wings fluttering. The shoes are in that same gree tone but are flat and comfortable, for that working woman on the go. When it comes to accessories, Tink’s need to be as fabulous as she is. The purse is a fabulous find from Dooney and Bourke. It is white and black and ties this whole look together. It is large enough to carry what you might need to work but not too large that it appears bulky.

As for the jewelry, these gorgeous earrings are another find from Beautiful Baubles! They embody the whimsical feeling one gets when they imagine Tinker bell. These earrings are silver flowers with clear crystal accents and a sterling silver post with a peridot green and silver bezel teardrop. If you are interested in purchasing a a pair for yourself, go to the Beautiful Baubles etsy store and enter discount code Disfashion5 for a 5% discount!


Now, for makeup. We have given you some looks the past few weeks that are bold and some are even a little costumey. This week, Katelynn Rose has given us a look that can be made both bold or subtle, depending on how dark you apply the colors. The focus is on shades of green with some yellow to blend it out. At the wing of the eye , she has used a light sparkly blue to represent Tinker Bell’s wings.  This look is fun and colorful and easy to do yourself. To help us out, Katelynn Rose has given us the step by step instructions. Check out the instructions below to perform this look yourself!

1. Apply a base to make the eyeshadows last and pop
2. Apply a light lime green in the inner part of the eyelid and in the outer part a darker green shadow and blend them together
3. Use a small precision brush with an even darker green to create the cut crease and blend the green with the lighter green used in the inner part of the eye
4.Use a make-up remover wipe to create the outer edge wing and make it crisp
5. Use the same precision brush on the lower lid to apply the darker green and create the outer wing and blend blend blend.

That’s another week in Disney Bounding. I personally love this look and think Tinker Bell would be proud. What do you think? Would you wear this look? Let me know in the comment box below.


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