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Disney Bounding- What is it and How Do I Start?!?



I am an avid Disney enthusiast and have been for many, many years (I will leave numbers out because that gives too much away). I always loved wearing Disney tee shirts and costumes when I was younger and even as I’ve gotten older. However, I have never really been a tee shirt kind of girl, so it was only for Disney trips that I would wear them. This lead me to wonder what could I do that would still be Disneyesque without going overboard. Then I learned about Disney Bounding from Leslie Kay.

Disney bounding is ideal for people who want to have a sense of style but not be too obvious about their Disney obsession. Now, other people who are in the know about Disney bounding will be well aware of what you are up to but they will also respect your sense of style and fashion flare. Disney bounding is when a person styles themselves as their favorite Disney character, attraction, or concept using every day clothing. Genius, right??  So, in essence, the key is to embody the look of anything Disney while dressing in clothes that you find in your closet or at you local mall!


As you can see above, you can make these outfits as fancy or casual as you like! You simply use the color palette  and/or similar style to that of the character you wish to embody and use your imagination! Want to channel your inner princess and be the fairest of them all? Try wearing a yellow dress with blue accents and red accessories. You could even find apple shaped jewelry to accessorize and a black ribbon in your hair. Voila! You are now Snow White! The possibilities are positively endless!

I was recently at Disney World, as many of you know, and I saw many people doing this and with such amazing sense of style. There was a woman wearing a 2 piece mint jump suit and sandals who was clearly representing Jasmine. There were many women dressed in red and white with black and yellow accents… the embodiment of Minnie Mouse. One of my favorites was a woman wearing a blue dress with a white apron. I thought this was quite clever because while one person may think she was Belle, she could also have been representing Alice!

In light of this major fashion trend that has taken over many blogs, websites and fashion news, I have been creating  a weekly Disney Bounding article representing a different character each week! I don’t know about you but I am super excited about this! Anyone else love the idea? Stay tuned later this week for the first outfit of many to come!

Thanks to Chip and Co writer Danielle for the example above.

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