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Disney Bounding With The Disney Fashionista- The Beautiful Belle

I had my first request for a Disney Bounding character this week and I thought it was a fabulous idea. I asked which you would prefer, blue or yellow Belle and the response was mixed. We decided to go with Belle’s yellow color palette because we haven’t done anything with these colors yet. I promise we will do Belle’s blue color palette in the future! This week Disney bounding with the Disney Fashionista takes a look at the beautiful Belle.


Belle is French and she has a fabulous sense of style so this week we will take a closure look at French couture Belle. We started with this darling yellow, sleeveless dress with White ribbed trim. The little white belt really makes the shape of this dress flattering to most body  types. It’s still a little cool out there so a white cardigan is in order. This white, crocheted bolero cardigan has a lovely pattern that really pops on the yellow sundress. The heels are darling in a white and yellow color block with a fabulous yellow bow. The heels are a bit chunkier which makes it a little easier to walk in, especially for those who aren’t chronic heel wearers. I didn’t say these are for the Parks. This look is clearly for a lovely afternoon out.

Let’s talk accessories, we went with a red theme because, not only are yellow and red very French, but this is the color of the infamous rose that leads Belle to her fate.  The purse actually has a rose print embossed in it!  The hair clip is gold and sparkly and with rose silhouettes. The bracelet has small roses all over it and really ties the whole color scheme together! The earrings are from Beautiful Baubles. They are red, to represent the rose, with the gold rose top. Just stunning. If you are interested in them, don’t forget to enter discount code disfashion5  for a 5% discount on check out.

I love the French and I love Belle so I clearly love this look. I hope you love it too! That’s it for another week of Disney Bounding with the Disney Fashionista!! Do you like the look? What’s your fave piece? Let me know in the comment box below!!

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