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Disney Bounding With The Disney Fashionista- The Marvelous Maleficent

It’s been over a week since we have done a Disney Bounding article and it is about time we jumped back in. I keep getting amazing messages from people who have tried Disney bounding and had the most magical experiences when doing so. It makes me smile. This week’s look is sure to have people commenting on how fabulous you look. This week we stylishly Disney Bound as the marvelous Maleficent!


We have Disney Bounded with Maleficent before but it in an active wear look. This time we decided to go for a much more elegant, stylish look. We start with this black and purple dress. What don’t I love about this dress? The dress has a very vintage feel, as can be seen in the collar and the hemline. I am loving the over sized buttons up the thigh. This dress is under $21!!! A dress this stylish must be paired with a fabulous pair of purple wedges. The purse brings the whole black and purple color scheme together and keeps the look chic. It is a purple and black patent bag and I am a huge fan of the patent finish.

For accessories, we needed to tie in the green color that Maleficent is also known for. I am dying over this ring. I love big cocktail rings and this green one is positively perfect… especially for this look! If we are going to go big and chunky, then we need to have this purple, black and green necklace to bring the entire look together! It is the final piece needed for this marvelous look.

What do you think of our stylish Maleficent look?? Do you love it as much as we do? What’s your favorite part? Let us know in the comment box below!

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