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Disney Bounding With The Disney Fashionista- The Sensational Snow White!

I know for the last few weeks we have Disney Bounded looks that are rather fall inspired. It’s time to face facts, at least where I am, it’s not fall (no matter what the calendar says), it’s winter! So today, we decided to switch gears and take a look at a winter inspired look from the original Disney Princess… the sensational Snow White. Normally there is nothing fall about Snow White. She wears a beautiful dress, no coat, and cute shoes. Let’s watch how we turned this look around, keeping the classic Snow White colors of blue, red and yellow.


I personally love this casual, wintery look. If I owned blue boots (I will soon) I could actually wear this ensemble and love it!  We start with the basics, yellow skinny jeans and a turtle neck, knit blue wool sweater. This will get those primary colors in and still keep us nice and warm in that freezing weather. For our feet, blue suede boots (obviously if you have snow this would need to be altered) and we all know that boots are very in this season.  Scarves are also in and why not stay warm AND get that pop of red with a nice scarf.

Accessory wise, a red hand band will allow us to keep red present in the look. A bracelet from Alex and Ani, let’s us keep a piece of Disney close to us. One of my favorite parts of this look is the earrings, which tie all 3 colors together.’ ‘Silver Plated Apple posts with Sterling Silver posts. Round red chalcedony, oval medium blue quartz, and mustard yellow heart drop in sterling silver plate all hang to match Snow White’s dress,’ per the Beautiful Baubles website. They really are a statement piece in my opinion. To make things even better, Beautiful Baubles is having a Black Friday sale all the way through to December 1st! If you type in the Coupon code Disfashion25, you will get 25% off your entire purchase. I know I made a few purchases!


This week, Katelynn Rose has given us another amazing eye look that is fit for a Princess. She has focused more on using the blue and yellow as, we all know, red isn’t super flattering in an eye look, without some major blending. I personally love the way it looks when it is blended and creates a bit of a reddish purple in the crease, still giving a bit of a pop of color in contrast to the blue and yellow. Check out the instructions on how to make this look a reality.

1. Apply NYX pencil in milk all over the lid. This will act as a sticky base for our shadows
2. Apply a yellow matte shadow onto the lid
3. Using a small brush, create the cut crease using a red shadow and blend it up to the brow.
4. In the outer half of the cut crease apply a blue shadow and blend it as well up to the brow
5. Highlight under the brow with a white shadow
6. Use the red and the blue on the lower lid

10822171_10205150189215741_688836316_n (1)

For the first time at Disney Fashionista, we are excited to introduce a new piece to our Disney Bounding looks…. nails! We have paired up with Micheal from Jamberry nails to create a Disney inspired collection to go with our Disney Bounding looks and make them available to you to purchase, if you desire. I am obviously one to love a very complete look and who doesn’t want the perfect mani to complete a look?? Now remember, we are not trying to go obviously Disney but Disney inspired. This way, if for some reason you are a closet Disney lover, you don’t have to be quite so obvious. These nails are inspired mostly by the apple in the story and I think they are crazy fun! If you are interested in purchasing them, please email Micheal at [email protected], and she will email you an invoice. She also has non Disney inspired nails but I’ll let you check those out yourself, if interested.

That’s it for another week of Disney Bounding with the Disney Fashionista. I hope you all had a fabulous week and enjoy this week’s wintery look. Let me know what you think in the comment box below!

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