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Disney Cruise Line Shopping- Narrowing Down The Souvenir Shopping

I was recently on a Disney Cruise in mid October of 2014. That wasn’t that long ago, right? Well, it is time for me to embark on my next Disney Cruise. I will be boarding the Disney Dream in less than 2 weeks and I am already anxiously planning and plotting. Doesn’t everyone plan when going on a Disney Cruise? I need to have enough room in my suitcases to bring home all the souvenirs I am inevitably going to bring back, right? I was hoping to obtain some of the new fall release items when I was on the Disney Dream in October but many of the new release items for fall weren’t yet available. I didn’t even realize everything that was set to be released! I figured if I didn’t know, then maybe you all didn’t know either so I decided to share some of the most recent merchandise released on the Disney fleets.


I am going to start with my favorites and that is pretty much anything that is nautical and has Minnie Mouse on it. My wardrobe is already pretty nautical. I love the color scheme of a good nautical look and I love anchors. I can’t express why but I do. This new collection, entitled “Ahoy Minnie”, merges my love of Minnie Mouse and nautical things!! There are new tee shirts, scarves, hats, luggage tags, post cards and mugs with this new theme. I have mentioned before that I am not much of a tee shirt girl but for some reason I am very drawn to the red shirt with Minnie sitting on an anchor and the white shirt with her bow sitting on the anchor. One of those will be coming home with me, if I can find it on the ship. I am also an avid lover of scarves. You can be sure that I will be wearing that when I disembark! Did you see the fashionista Minnie on that luggage tag? I may be in big trouble on this cruise.


Now, of course, we can’t leave out the big kahuna! Mickey Mouse has his fair share of new merchandise too. This collection is entitled “Mickey Knots”. You can see that it involves having Mickey Mouse outlined in rope on tee shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and even the mug! I am kind of loving this mug. Did you notice the handle is a rope?? I know that for any of you reading this that have been on a Disney Cruise more recently than I have probably seen this new inventory. I am simply sharing it with you because none of this was released when I was on and it was supposed to be for fall! The only thing I recognize is the key chain… which I bought!


I can say in all certainty that if the above items had been available, they would have been in my suitcase! Chalkboard art has been all the rage this past year at Disney Parks and resorts. Aulani just released a whole new slew of merchandise with that exact type of feel and design. I love the look of pretty much every piece in the photo above. I tend to buy frames wherever i go and that frame will be coming home with me, if I can find it. I also really enjoy the pillow because it’s not quite as common to buy as a souvenir. It also gives a different option than the long pillows that you find in the rooms that you can also buy in the stores onboard.

I don’t know if I’ve really narrowed down my souvenir list or if I’ve created a need to bring a spare bag but, in any case, you now know the predicament I am in when setting foot on the Disney Dream, or any of the Disney fleet. There are tons of amazing things to be had that are Disney Cruise Line specific and with the release of the newest merchandise, I have a whole new gamut of goodies to chose from. I just hope I can narrow it down once I see it all in person!

Do you all have a need to buy multiple souvenirs when on a Disney trip?? is the trip itself enough for you? Let me know how you feel about souvenirs in the comment box below.

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