Disney Discovery- 3D Crystal Disney Puzzles

I love finding things to do in my spare time that allow me to use my brain. I love games that involve brain teasers and I love puzzles! Today’s Disney discovery allows me to use my mind  while creating the perfect Disney puzzle! Today’s Disney discovery is an assortment of 3D crystal Disney puzzles!


The Castle Deluxe Crystal Puzzle from BePuzzled is a sleek, translucent, crystalline puzzle with 104 unique interlocking pieces. So crazy but so fun! Did you even know there were 3D crystal Disney puzzles? I knew about 3D puzzles but not the crystal aspect. There are others in the line as well! There’s a Marie puzzle,  Chip and Dale, Cheshire Cat, Stitch, Genie, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and more!!! These puzzles range in price from $12-$20. I am in love! If you want to check out each respective puzzle, click the links above. Enjoy!


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