Disney Discovery- Cheshire Cat Lounge Pants

Clearly, I love the Cheshire Cat and Alice In Wonderland. Many of you already know that I am having a whimsical Mad Hatter wedding and, for those of you that don’t know, that should explain why so many of my discoveries have been leaning in that direction. Today’s Disney discovery is for when I am lounging around planning my wedding. Inspirational clothing! Today’s Disney discovery is a pair of Cheshire Cat lounge pants!

2016-09-06 12_06_26-Disney Cheshire Cat Women's Lounge Pants (Large) at Amazon Women’s Clothing stor

Lounge wear isn’t something I own a ton of. I have a few staple pieces (like my Disney workout pants) but I don’t have anything like today’s Disney discovery. Straight up lounge pants that are meant for nothing but relaxing. I don’t do a lot of relaxing which probably explains why. These speak to me. I love the combination of pink and gray together and the Cheshire Cat always looks so mischievous! I adore that. I like to think I have a mischievous side, too! These are cotton and polyester and I find that combination pretty comfortable.

These lounge pants are $29.49. I would pay that for something I really like. If you feel the same way I do, you can find them HERE, for more details. Enjoy, fashionistas!

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