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Disney Discovery- Dole Whip Soft Serve Mix

When I go to Disney, I have a list of snacks that are must haves. Summertime or not… it does not matter! My waistline doesn’t thank me for it but I do it anyway! One of the things on this list is a Dole Whip. I know that many of you do this as well. Dole Whips are a necessity and no vacation is complete without one. If you could make it at home, would you not want it??  Today’s Disney discovery is Dole Whip soft serve mix.



This is what I know about this mix…. it tastes exactly like the Dole Whips at Disney! It transports you to the Magic Kingdom and you are standing peacefully off to the side, enjoying every bite. It works perfectly in home ice cream freezers such as Cuisinart. This bag makes 89 half cup servings. I know that a serving is a lot more than half a cup for me but, even if you double the serving size, that’s over 40 servings! The ratings are also excellent!

This Dole Whip mix is $26.32. Imagine how many servings you could get at Disney for that price! Not 90! If you want to check out more details and read the ratings, you can find it HERE. Enjoy!


Don’t want to make your own Dole Whip? Then it’s time to head to Disney! If you are wanting tohead to Disney for a Dole Whip and have yet to book your trip, you can book your Disney World Vacation With Small World Vacations HERE. They are the preferred travel agency of Disney Fashionista!

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