Disney Discovery- “I Said Yes” Minnie Hand Tee

It’s #goals to find that love, that one that is as forever as Disney to you, am I right, fashionistas?

There’s nothing more finite and forever than a Disney love. Proven fact. So when wedding planning, incorporate that love for Disney.

If he liked it, he should’ve swiped right, liked it on Instagram, and put a ring on it.

Today’s Disney Discovery is the “I Said Yes” Minnie Hand Tee.


This tee features Minnie’s gloved hand, flaunting that bridal bling. Shirt color options include gray, weathered red, and white.

This tee would be perfect to wear as a recent fiancee while park hopping. Scratch that… no matter WHEN you got engaged, no matter how fresh off the heels, your engagement and love should be celebrated any ole day.

If you love the “I Said Yes” Minnie Hand Tee as much as we do, shop for it HERE for $22. Happy shopping, fashionistas.

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