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Disney Discovery- Little Mermaid and Lady & The Tramp Cell Phone Case Bundle Pack

I am always on the lookout for the best deals in Disney fashion, accessories and anything else I find that strikes my interest. I came upon today’s Disney discovery and thought you might all really enjoy it. The artwork is from the Thomas Kinkade Disney artwork that I have come to love and adore. Today’s Disney discovery is the Little Mermaid and Lady & the Tramp cell phone case bundle pack.

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So these phone cases, of which there are clearly two, are for the iPhone 6. I do not have an iPhone 6 but I am hoping that, when I am at the Disneyland resort this week, I will be able to find same for the Galaxy 6. Unfortunately, if I do, I won’t be able to find it for the deal that this bundle pack is. You get both of the above phone cases, each with this exceptional artwork, for only $9.99. It’s so not fair!! I can never find deals like that for my phone. I love the actual artwork and have been hoping to get the Little Mermaid one on a canvas for my new house! If you want to take a closer look and see all the details, you can find it HERE. Stay fabulous, fashionistas!

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