Disney Discovery- LOZ Disney Building Blocks

I have a nephew who is obsessed with Lego… actually I have 2 nephews AND a niece that only ask for Lego for every gift giving day. Lego can get rather pricey. I was hoping to find an alternative and I can’t believe what I found! I will say this, if you already have a full fledged Lego addict in the house, this might not work but if you are just starting out, today’s Disney discovery is perfect! Today’s Disney discovery is a set of LOZ Disney building blocks.


These look a lot like Lego, don’t they? These are LOZ building blocks and are listed as educational toys. In this listing, you get all 5 characters! The classic characters are all here! Mickey, Minnie, Daisy (who is sometimes a challenge to find), Donald and Goofy! There are other sets available at amazing prices but nothing can top this one. I priced it out and went searching for the best deal and this one is killer!

This entire set, which includes a total of  1190 building blocks, is only $12.91!! That is 74% off! I think that, even if I had kids addicted to Lego, this would be worth a shot to try, given the price. If you think you have a  Disney lover on your hands, you need to check these out! You can do that HERE. You will also be able to see the other collections that are available. It’s insane! Happy shopping!

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