Disney Discovery- Mickey Mouse Aromatherapy

It’s almost a new year and it’s time for new things. I love my car and I don’t want a new one but new accessories for it would be okay! I love my Sparkling Mickey Air Freshener but I am thinking of alternating it with today’s Disney discovery! Today’s Disney discovery is Mickey Mouse aromatherapy!



This Mickey Mouse aromatherapy is clean and simple. It gives a sleeker look to my car and that is exactly the look I am going for this year. Many times, when buying an air freshener, I love the actual diffuser but not the scent. This Mickey Mouse aromatherapy solves my problem! Using your essential oil car air freshener is easy. Just grab a bottle of your favorite essential oil add a few drops to the pad and place it in the locket style clip. The clip has a strong magnetic closure and a solid back to ensure you never have to worry about getting oil on your car. These pads are washable and reusable for you to change the essential oil as you wish. You can switch up your scent to fit your mood!

Something like this would never get old. I wouldn’t have to keep buying refills. We all know how long essential oils last…. a stupid long time. You will probably want to change the scent before it wears out. This Mickey Mouse aromatherapy is only $24.97. If you are intrigued, you can find it HERE. Happy (almost) new year, fashionistas!

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