Disney Discovery- Mickey Mouse Door Lock Knob

I admit that today’s Disney discovery has a very strange name and you may be wondering what the heck that is. I thought the same thing until I took a good look at it and then I realized it would be a sweet stocking stuffer (I have already started shopping)! I promise you need to take a closer look. Today’s Disney discovery is a set of Mickey Mouse door lock knobs.



Have you ever seen anything like this? I had not, I admit it. I think it’s hysterical that someone could be walking past the car and see Mickey celebrating through the window! I can just imagine the double takes people would make. I may have to install a hidden camera in my car to get a good look at the people when they notice. I think these would be perfect in a Disney car on their own, or with a car seat covers and all the other decor you can get for your car. (And yes, for those doubting people still have door locks, they do exist. I have a 2013 and my car has them!)

These Mickey Mouse door lock knobs¬†are $39.33. I know that might be out of some people’s price range for stocking stuffers (or maybe even gifts in general) but I think they are worth it, for the looks alone. If you agree, you can find them HERE. Happy shopping, fashionistas!

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