Disney Discovery- Periodic Table of Fairytales T-Shirt

In all fairy tales, there are typically princes, princesses, and villains.

These individuals CAN co-exist. It’s pure science and pure magic.

Today’s Disney Discovery is the Periodic Table of Fairytales T-Shirt.

Do you know the chemistry that exists amongst Disney princes, princesses, and villains, fashionistas? If science wasn’t your thing in school, don’t be alarmed. Disney Chemistry is a different science of itself.

This Periodic Table of Fairy Tales t-shirt includes color-coded categories of princesses, friends, princes, and villains. Each character’s name correlates to a periodic symbol, e.g. Cinderella is Cn and Ar for Ariel. All of your favorites are included in the periodic table, including Flounder and Genie.

This tee comes in various colors, including black, navy, green, dark heather, and dark grey, so take your pick. It is perfect for the science-savvy friend or any Disneyphile.

If you love the Periodic Table of Fairytales T-Shirt as much as we do, shop for it HERE for $23. Happy shopping, fashionistas!

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