Disney Discovery- Princess Ariel Wedding Dress Figurine

When in wedding mode, anything you see that has to do with a wedding catches your eye. If Disney factors in, as well, then a Disney addict (like myself) is naturally drawn to it. Many people have been asking what to get for my bridal showers and, though my registry is already composed, today’s Disney discovery is exactly the kind of thing I would want. Today’s Disney discovery is a Princess Ariel wedding dress figurine.


As I have mentioned many times before, Ariel is my favorite princess. As a fellow redhead, I love her style and spunk and I wish I could rock this style of wedding gown like she can. Though this is not the wedding gown we remember from the film, this is the way Disney Showcase Couture de Force envisions Ariel on her wedding day! Ariel is not the only princess to be featured either! Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Belle have their own figurine, as do many others!

This ¬†fashionable Ariel wedding dress figurine is $46.90 which is 33% off! That’s a great price for a bridal gift. If you love this figuring as much as I do, you can find it HERE. Happy shopping!

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